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What is this site? A personal blog? Campaign page?

Yes. it is. I just have to be different. It's in my DNA. This is the "Vote for Debra" website and a personal blog, currently called, "Candid Candidate." It's like a Certs breath mint? (Yep, I'm that old! Remember, Certs, the breath mint that was a candy and a breath mint? They are still around; just like after nine years doing social media, I am still around too.)

I was trying to figure out how people can get to "know me" without meeting me in person. I also didn't want to use Moreno Valley Matters since more people are NOT on social media than on it. I thought I would do this personal blog. For now, I will use it to share my journey as a mayoral candidate for the fine city of Moreno Valley, California. After the election, I will use it to share my personal experiences as the creator of Moreno Valley Matters, the social media site that people either love or hate? (Hopefully, more people love it.). We'll see.

When I was younger, I always wanted to be a columnist like Erma Bombeck. (You can google her, if you're not familiar with the name.) is a way I can sort of live out that fantasy. Except I will tell you in advance, I don't have her gift of being naturally funny like she was. . But we will see what happens and how long I am keep it up. My goal is to not only give people an insight about me, but also about issues I feel are important to the city.

Whether you check in one time or once a week, thank you for joining me here.


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