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The ABC's to A Better City

In case you don't know, I am in my 11th year of teaching Transitional Kindergarten, or more commonly referred to as Pre-Kindergarten. It is a job I absolutely love! I think life peaks at four years old and then goes downhill from there. Just kidding. But seriously, it is a great age to teach.

So in the spirit of my teaching the alphabet to preschoolers, I came up with the ABC's of why I am a different kind of candidate for mayor than Moreno Valley has seen in the past.

The ABCs to A Better City

A: An Advocate for residents and animals

B: Beautification of our city; stop illegal dumping

C: Constant Communication

D: Dedicated to the max; Different from the rest

E: Engage with Residents Regularly

F: Fiscally responsible

G: Goals will be “What is best for residents of MoVal?”

H: Help for the Homeless; Honest leadership.

I: Informing and getting Input from residents

J: Jobs that pay well

K: Kindness; Keep a sense of Humor; Knowledgeable

L: Listening to Residents

M: Meetings that are productive, professional, and frequent

N: Non-Profits will be a priority

O: Out of the Box Problem-solving

P: Parks, Police, and People

Q: Quality of Life focus

R: Responsive to residents’ requests in a timely matter

S: Support Small and all Businesses; Serenity Prayer

T: Total Transparency at City Hall; Teacher, not politician

U: Unions and developers have not paid for my campaign

V: Vote for MoVal by Voting for Debra Craig for Mayor

W: Working together

X: Xerox machines fixed?; creating an eXcellent city

Y: You and our Youth Matter

Z: Zombie Apocalypse prevention? Trips to Zoos? (Just kidding.)


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