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Here is more information about me than you ever wanted know.


am a native Californian who happened to be born in Colorado. What does that mean?  It means, my earliest memory growing up on a farm in a small town north of Denver wanting to live in Southern California.  

I accomplished that goal at the age of 22, after graduating from college, who hired me for their Management Trainee Program.  While moving to California was meant to be, becoming a theater manager was not.  I did become the advertising coordinator for AMC's West Division. 


However, after 8 years in the pushing popcorn, I felt it was time to pursue another lifetime goal:  Becoming a supermarket checker.  (I kid you not!)

I was hired on by Ralphs to be a cashier at their newly created club-house supermarkets called, "The Giant", where I met my future ex-husband.  He was an LA City Firefighter who lived in Moreno Valley. Moreno Valley?  Where the hell was that, I thought. I soon found out and established my residency in the I.E.

Ralphs was kind enough to transfer me to their new Ralphs off of Newport Road in Menifee.  That was in 1991. Eventually, I got transferred to the Ralphs in Sunnymead Ranch, which coincided with the birth of my second child, a son.  My daughter was born while I was working at the Menifee store.

The closet I came to achieving my dream of being a newspaper columnist was when I was the  News Assistant for the Press Enterprise.  The only bad thing was, I didn't write columns, just filed newspapers stories before it was done automatically online. 

My calling to become a teacher happened after I grew weary of scanning groceries.  My mother suggested I become a teacher, and so I did. It was the best decision. (Mothers know best.)  

I have taught for MVUSD for 25 years. I have lived in Moreno Valley for 30 years. 

That's my history. 

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Watermelon!  I haven't had a bad one yet but watermelon season is coming to an end.  

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