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Top 10 reasons why you should vote for Debra Craig for Mayor

#1 Reason for voting for Debra Craig

I have a proven track record of service to my community! I am NOT just another candidate running for mayor. I am not someone who will be "here today and gone tomorrow, after losing the election." I'm here for the long haul. I have lived in Moreno Valley for 30 years and have no plans on moving.

The two social media sites I created, Moreno Valley Matters IG & FB, is known for being the first place that residents go to get their information, and especially when breaking news is happening. MVM isn't just a "hobby"; I have posted on it every day for the past nine years, (unless I was in Facebook Jail.)

As a journalism major in college, I believe every community--large and small-- needs a news source. Moreno Valley Matters is that news source. We have reported on the terrible news stories coming from our city, as well as the good news,

But I just don't "post news and information." Most people will be surprised to learn that the bulk of my time on MVM is spent answering messages from local residents. On average, I probably answer some 75-100 messages every day. I do pay two businesses to help me while I'm at work and also two evenings a week.

This week, Moreno Valley Matters (MVM) Instagram, achieved the milestone of reaching 1 Million accounts within the last 30 days!

(From 9/14-10/13. See bottom of post.)

Over the years, both MVM pages combined have reunited hundreds owners with their pets. It has found new homes for hundreds of stray kittens.

MVM has help raise thousands of dollars to those in need by sharing gofundme requests and posting other fundraisers.

MVM has helped launched and sustain hundreds of small, local businesses by posting what their wares and services to our vast audience that includes residents from all parts of Moreno Valley, including surrounding communities as well.

I regularly attend city-sponsored events and help spread the word by going "live" to encourage residents to participate.

You might not recognize my name, but thousands of residents have relied on my volunteer efforts that go beyond just being a social media site. I will give the same attention and dedication to being mayor as I have running my social media sites.

#2 Knowledgeable about issues important to citizens.

#3 Will fill all vacancies on boards and commissions with competent people and not my political cronies or personal friends.

#4 Vows to keep the citizens informed and seek their input on city projects and budget expenditures.

#5 Will reinstate Study Sessions that the currently mayor has canceled EVERY MONTH FOR ALL OF 2022 AND 2021.

#6. Involved in city issues since 2012.

#7. Eliminate the dictatorial-style of leadership currently in place. I will seek input from the entire city council and not make reckless decisions based on a control type of leadership.

#8. I will work tirelessly to improve the quality of life for residents and not just in election years. My work ethic is second to no ones.

#9. Love me or hate me, I have been responsive to the needs of ALL residents, not just those I like or who are my friends, unlike many other elected officials.

#10. I will support our local business owners with a truly business-friendly planning department and put a renewed focus on "Shop MoVal" to increase our sales tax base. Work to establish a strong and supportive Chamber of Commerce.


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